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About Gentle & Honor ~ the Essence of Excellence

With a long, proud history and an unremitting devotion to striving for perfection, Gentle & Honor Co., Ltd. is a time-tested, top-end metal stamping company among its peers in Taiwan.


Gentle & Honor was founded  in 1971 , and focused on manufacturing stamping dies and stamped metal parts in its early days. Following decades of developments, we have evolved into a full-service metalworking company equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and tooling, as well as advanced inspection instruments, for a variety of products, such as relays, windshield washer pumps, electromagnetic locks, wiper linkages, fuel pump brackets, motor housings, and so forth, capably handling a full-cycle process from designing and shop drawings through die development to mass production in house according to customer's requirements such as power supply casing, starter motor casing, fan motor casing, TV wall mount, wiper linkages , fuel pump brackets and various metal parts. Based on the ability of mold design and development, Gentle & Honor and customer strategic alliances enter the field of finished products, such as vehice motorcycle series electric equipment s, wiper linkages motor, fan motor, fuel pump bracket, etc. Provide customers with one-time process capability.

Product Categories:
Power supply cases, computer accessories, and auto / motor components and accessories


What We Have Attained ~ Success Based on Customer's Trust

Gentle & Honor has committed itself to guaranteed quality, customer satisfaction, technological innovations and a pursuit of excellence as its business motto, and hence invested continuously in upgrading equipment, manpower quality, quality system with an aim to offer competitive pricing.

With the effort paying off, we have effectively earned trust and accolades from numerous customers at home and from abroad. Worth mentioning is that our stable customer base includes such globally prestigious electronic manufacturers as Delta Electronics Inc. and Lite-on Technology Corp., both of whom have contracted us to roll out power supply cases and punched parts for the past years.

In the meantime, Gentle & Honor has actively ventured into developing and providing various electrical components and accessories as required by local and foreign automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, including China Motor Corporation, Ford, Yamaha and Kimco, while having constantly supplied a large quantity of motor housings and other punched products yearly to Shihlin Electric as a major contract supplier since obtaining accreditation from the customer in 1986.

What We Promise You ~ Materialized “Monozukuri” Spirit

With a faith in the so-called “Monozukuri”, the Japanese work ethics which have been widely upheld worldwide for a shared focus on detail and perfectionism, Gentle & Honor takes pride of its accumulated expertise and well honed techniques coupled with a slate of stamping dies designed and developed with the aid of computer technologies, not to mention its highly automated production lines and rigorous quality control measures conducted. All the competitive edges enable us not just to follow through the brand promise to every customer, but also to adapt ourselves to “Just In Time” manufacturing as demanded by customers at all times.

In Gentle & Honor’s modern factory, a number of automatic material feeding equipment and large-sized stamping presses with pressures of up to 250 metric tons, which can be fitted with the company’s newly engineered single stamping dies and progressive stamping dies, are employed and laid out in relation to one another to work as whole like an “One-piece Flow Manufacturing” system.


The One-piece Flow Manufacturing system in the facility allows for not only increased productivity and efficiency, but high qualitative consistency. From another perspective, it also helps to prompt every of Gentle & Honor’s workers to cultivate a sense of responsibility and self-discipline in upholding the company’s quality policy and objective: “Good quality stems from strong work ethics, and is key to customer satisfaction.”

A quality-driven maker with decades-long devotion to assuring customers the best quality and service possible, Gentle & Honor has acquired ISO 9001 certification since 1997, and continuously upgraded its quality control system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 edition since 2003 in a bid to better adapt itself to the ever-changing market and trends.

What We Are Going to Be ~ World’s Top-tier OEM of Metal Parts

Not content with its current achievement, Gentle & Honor will continue to place heavy emphasis on employee development and employee assistance programs, and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with its partners in the upstream and downstream sectors, so as to lay a more solid foundation for the next stage of the organization’s development that will focus on offering higher standards of quality and more specialized techniques. With an aspiration to diversify its business and go global, Gentle & Honor is going to become world’s most trustworthy OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of metal parts and components.

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